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Sustainable Packaging = Home Compostable

Being in the fashion industry for 20+ years; we know the challenges of attaining sustainability, especially as small brands. Especially the packaging.

Fortunately; we partnered with a family business in China that shares our passion for "fine needle" or high-quality crafted products, they also share our mission to build this business with sustainability and holistic health for not only ourselves but those we partner with and our consumers. 

In the development of our first cooperative brand launch: OMNIAintimates; we developed bio-degradable compostable packaging from straw and plants that were agriculture byproducts upcycled to replace many plastics and virgin wood-derived shipping boxes.  

This has inspired a bigger goal to build sustainable packaging factories here, in the biggest agriculture producing land in the world, and upcycle our agri-waste and replace the deadly plastics and short term thinking use of materials that are disposable and meant to protect short term; but is deadly in the long term.

If you are in the packaging or agriculture industry; we are looking to network and partner. We have manufacturing experts who have already been making sustainable packaging for many years, the technology, machinery, and tools at the ready.  Ideally, large industries like Starbucks, FedEx, UPS, would take the opportunity to partner so we can build USA factories and create lasting manufacturing to stop our use of plastics more quickly.

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