Frequent Asked Questions


Q:Do you have to be trained designer to work at Seattle Creative Studio?


Q:How long ago did you start Seattle Creative Studio?

A:no more than 3 months ago


Q: How long does it take get production ready?

A: Depends on your stage book a consultation today..                                                                                                                              

Q:How much time in advance do you need to to set up an appointment?

A:Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm right away and you are also able to rent the space for privet events.

Q:Are fabrics included?


Q: Are you able to rent out the space for other workshops?

A: yes


Q:How big is the square footage of the building?

A:750 sq ft

 Q:Is there more space then the 750 sq feet?

A: yes there is a basement

Q:Are Mannequin included?

A: no

Q:Is WiFi included