Regen Stalk Paperboard Envelopes
Regen Stalk Paperboard Envelopes

Regen Stalk Paperboard Envelopes

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Our certified compostable and regenerative Stalk non-wood paperboard envelopes are the perfect replacement to virgin wood packaging.  To learn more about our simple yet radical technology go to this page about the benefits of replacing virgin wood in our disposable items with circular plant stalks here. 

The envelopes have the option for moisture barrier film lining; made using compostable plant plastic film lining.

Custom printing MOQ 3000 units, using soy based compostable inks and stickers.

Pricing shown is based on MOQ 3000 units price per unit does not include freight/duty.

If you have custom size or shape you prefer using our Stalk non-wood pulp product please contact us today.   

Currently importing from our factory in China; for large volumes can produce in USA.