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Getting Started

Our key team have either been an alumni of the Apparel Design program at Seattle Central College and or worked in the  fashion industry forever. Most have been in corporate work or owning their own brand. One recently sold the brand Bella Materna, some of the few Bras sewn in Seattle! Seattle Creative Studio;  is a collaborative services team for sewn goods, wearable tech and accessories.  Also an industrial designer working studio in South Seattle 10 miles from Capital Hill.  Through this new startup; www.SeattleCreativeStudio,com; I have partnered with industry professionals to serve clients/designers with all aspects of development to the production process; including alumni who have an Optitex machine and plotter services. Currently; in our 750 sqft 12' ceiling windowed space, we have...

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Launch of Seattle Creative Studio - unique fashion design collaboration

Welcome to Seattle Creative Studio - where fashion design dreams become reality.  Contact us today for your product development and production needs, or schedule time in our studio to get your projects completed using your own skill set - on world class industrial, state of the art machines. Fashion Design Services.

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