Mask info page

*none of this is MEDICAL ADVICE *

Defiant Crafter is a project of @SeattleCreativeStudio - we are crafting to DEFY the BUG!

We have pivoted our vertical fashion incubator to quickly research, develop and manufacture the best possible masks for workforce and also for civilians - also including the replacement filters available which have 3 layers to block up to 95%. 

In addition our team is working to source the appropriate materials for US manufacturing and the Home Sewers network.  We are offering material kits for order (pick up or ship out) you can cut & sew, and then donate to your local PPE resource center.

We are also coordinating local factories to sew PPE such as the Vinyl and Lexan Hoods used in the testing stations.   

Where to donate your home made masks: 

Check Stop the Bug - a national network based in Seattle is helping to coordinate material donations with sewers willing to donate their time, then donating to those in highest need.

Another one is


Otherwise; check with your city and county websites to see where the local donation center is.

Safety Tips to consider! 

DIY filter tip - use 1 layer of thick paper towel as your filter. 

DIY test tip -Can you blow out a candle with your mask/filter set on?  If you cannot - then you are blocking significantly! 

If you can blow out that candle .... that shows you very clearly you are not as safe. Each situation might be different wanting light or heavy blockage.

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