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Happy Planet Packaging September 2022

Happy Planet Packaging September 2022 simple presentation 

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Sustainable Sourcing Compostable Happy Planet Packaging:

>We have built a network of sustainable global supply chain manufacturers / equipment providers. Successful partnerships for over 20 years.
>Sustainable products established in Europe we are expanding into North America.
>See Certifications and Tests on presentation.

>Reasonable MOQ (minimum order quantity) on basic commodity items (see price list)
>Competitive pricing, especially if you consider the high C02 per year of virgin wood and fossil fuels.
i.e. $0.10 / petrol plastic bag <1000 years killing life? > vs $0.21+ / plant plastic bag <120 days compost into dirt regenerative>

>Short lead times on basic essential stock goods, see price sheet. Contact us with questions and custom orders.


133,000 Tonnes C02

= 40,000 cars / driving 10k miles / yr
+ Save 17M trees / year
+ Regenerative/Circular:
>grow food > ag by-products > packaging > compost >food >

Get ahead of the curve and secure a future (to stay below 1.5 degrees) & all your Earthly packaging needs.

*1 Wheat Stalk Pulp Mill: capacity 430 Tonnes / day (average size mill) compared to a Wood Pulp Mill
**Future goals: Build 200 of these micro economic communities across North America in vertically integrated factories / supply chain for textiles sustainable products & packaging manufacturing **