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Name Anne Dimond
Preferred Pronouns She/Her
Phone Number (206) 2868108
Are you applying to the student or a business track? Business
Business Name/Pitch Idea Happy Planet Packaging / Circular Ag Waste disposable packaging
Website (if applicable)
Business Address Street Address: 12924 E Marginal Way S
City: Tukwila
State / Province: WA
Postal / Zip Code: 98168
How many members are on your team currently? 3
Provide a 2-3 sentence bio for all executive/decision-making team members involved in the innovation challenge. Anne Dimond - Founder, inspired circular manufacturing, agile looking to build holistic solutions for issues we face for a better future today.
Yuanming Zhang - Founder, global sourcing savant, helping US improve our carbon footprint in an efficient and circular manufacturing, sustainable method.  
Describe your product or idea. What is its main function? Build a Pilot Non-Wood Pulp mill and production lines to manufacture food service / shipping industry packaging with our circular carbon neutral compostable packaging company.  Have the proven & updated technology (30+ years), equipment, plus set up & training with business partner for these potential scalable business endeavor. Equipment arrival July 2022, need 3-10 acres, 10,000 sq ft building, hire 15 include mgr.  
Do you have a prototype or market ready product/service? Both
Describe your materials/supply. What waste stream are you impacting in WA and how is waste being reduced?What or who is your main material source? - Using proven technology used for many years, with Yuanming & team we are going to build a Stalk Pulp Mill and Packaging Manufacturing in WA.
-We are replacing virgin wood from being used in a short term disposable & environmentally costly raw material, compared to upcycling the grain stalk, leftover from the grain after harvest. The product is 100% Plant based & 100% compostable.  
This new Agriculture Value add is circular in nature and can be the packaging supply chain that will help the US stop all production/use of fossil fuel disposable packaging.  
Our 200T Pulp mill will upcycle the stalk of plants like wheat, barley & rice. We make a dry pulp from this; which can be 1st sales channel.
2nd sales channel; we have 3 production lines to manufacture: paperboard takeout/shipping envelopes, corrugated cardboard & thermal moulded plates/clamshells etc - all compostable!
3rd Importing finished goods for potential B2B from current Shandong factory, including compostable grocery bags.  
- land / building
- contracts with farmers to adjust harvest cut / baling / moving the stalk bales.  Straw storage
- hire team 15
- visa for 10 technician to set up equipment & train for 3 mo visa.
- b2b client partnership to build to what business community needs.
Where is it currently (or would it be) sold and marketed, geographically? We are currently quoting these products made in our Shandong factory; imported on behalf of a US industrial food service packaging distributor - potential order; still in sales process.
We have a shared goal of piloting our first US mill July 2022.  Future goal to scale nationally utilizing majority of our 62 Million acres of wheat, and finding better uses for trees, or just let more trees live.
What is your process ? Briefly describe the lifecycle of your product or service idea. Fall harvest; wheat stalk is cut for bailing length; bailed & stored for use.  
Anticipate needing 220,000 acres of wheat stalk / year (using average of 1 bale / acre @ 1000 lbs). (how much land to store if we use at XX / day)
Do you currently have the required equipment/technology to create your product or service? We are looking for space to produce and/or sell
Describe the demand and marketing plan of your product. Who will be your target consumer or audience? What is your current marketing or outreach strategy or plan First product in our USA factory would be the Dry Pulp Lap; target consumer is the industrial paper manufacturers, food service & shipping packaging manufacturers who currently use wood pulp, and can replace with our non-wood pulp.  
Second product would be the food service thermal packaging, bags, shipping items .  
Currently quoting for 2 top industrial distributors. Would like help getting additional buyers.  We need a team to run the operations.
You'll be required to create a video pitch. How experienced are you to create it? No experience.
In which of the following areas do you need support in the MOST? Please choose up to three. General Business
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How did you hear about the PreCycle Innovation Challenge? Next Cycle, Dept of Ecology, Seattle Made, impact WA
What date/time works better for you for an onboarding session? Thursday, March 31, 12:00-1:30 PM PT
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