Straw Packaging Slides

2022 HPP launch compostable packaging facility.

Currently working with Dept of Commerce & Dept of Agriculture fast pacing this proven, sustainable model.

Yes, we have the capability of replacing Fossil Plastics and Virgin Forest in our Food Grade packaging.  We are talking months... not years.

Virgin Wood and Fossil Plastic Packaging are one of the largest components to our carbon emissions.  

Switching to Plant Made Materials will eliminate massive waste; but we need to build it including the regenerative EPA National Recycling / Composting Program.



This is a first pass on the slides.

We have the partnership of the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture to build the first straw packaging pulp mill in the state.  Utilize this as the first of many cooperative sustainable businesses to radically improve the course of our climate by eliminating XXXXX CO2. Carbon Negative

Current Status Reviewing:

- permitting process for wastewater

- land purchase

- sales channels